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Fortune and Star
is a group of companies that specialise in the manufacture and distribution of products and services to a wide range of industries.

Experience in Many Industries
We through our proprietary technology patents and extensive/continuous research and development. Fortune and Star has experience in providing solutions to a variety of industries, covering the Power Industry, Marine Engineering, Pharmaceuticals, Smelting and Forging, Wind Power, and Manufacturing.

Proud of Our Business
Fortune & Star are totally dedicated to contributing to our society, knowing that all the products we supply are environmentally safe. We believe that our business philosophy will ensure future success for our partners and customers.

Reliable Service
We take great pride in our customer services, and are recognised as a company that continuously seeks new products of the highest Quality timely delivery of our services as per requirement of our valued customers.








We can supply products to your requirements and specifications.


Excellence in Quality and Service


Industries We Service


Marine Engineering
Power Industry
Wind Power



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